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Our classes and workshops are taught to the highest professional standards and limit numbers, which means that you can expect to progress at a faster rate and learn to dance to a higher standard than at a conventional dance lesson/club. We concentrate on really learning to move and improvise/react together rather than just on memorising steps. You can come on your own or with friends and there’s a very friendly informal atmosphere. We normally have one or two lessons in each style taught, plus a Freestyle at the end in which you can meet new friends and practice the dance skills that you have learnt that evening.

You do not need to have any previous dance experience, and you can start at any time and just do the weeks that suit you.

You need to wear comfortable clothes that you can move in and shoes that will slide on the floor (essential for Tango and helpful for Salsa, Jive or Blues when spinning) – avoid trainers, boots or sandals. Ladies don’t have to wear high heels (although you can if you are used to moving/dancing in them) but please wear shoes that do not slip off the heel.

You pay only for the evenings that you come and there is no registration or course fee. By arrangement with Basil or Mandy, you are welcome to video moves on digital cameras or mobile ‘phones to help remember and practice them. We always aim to have a relaxed, fun atmosphere and welcome feedback emails from all of our Dancers!

Exhibition Dancing, Show Tuition/Professional Coaching, Teacher Training and Choreography are also available by arrangement.