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Dance Styles
Rock 'n' Roll:
Rock ‘n’ Roll is a lively up-tempo dance that is much easier to learn than many people think and great fun to dance to faster music at parties, clubs and discos as well as the specialist Rock ‘n’ Roll events and Band Nites all over the Island. Simple, relaxed footwork compared to other Jive or Swing dances make it surprisingly easy to dance at fast tempos – it’s much easier to learn and dance, and more popular (particularly with the guys) than the ‘bouncier/skippier’ dances like Ballroom Jive or Lindyhop…
Blues Dancing is a form of freestyle dancing in which both partners use their musicality to communicate and improvise together to create a very close and expressive dance - it can be danced to a wide variety of modern and slower music played in clubs today. Although originally based on Swing and Tango Dancing, the basic steps are much quicker to learn than either of these dance styles and are easy to pick up for Salsa and Jive dancers as well as complete beginners. Come and learn this distinctive dance style with our simple and friendly Beginners’ Lessons – you’ll be dancing at the end of your first lesson and amazing your friends after just a few weeks.
Argentine Tango:
Argentine Tango is widely considered to be the most exciting and dramatic of the partner dances, with stylish moves and playful footwork including blocks, sweeps, ganchos, sacadas etc. Our lessons are taught in the Nuevo style and build on the techniques we use for our improvised show performances. This retains the intensity and passion of traditional Argentine Tango, but also opens out to a more dramatic style that can be used in a variety of settings to more contemporary music - we regularly dance this style at clubs, social events, etc. and now share how to do this with a wider audience.
Cuban Salsa:
Cuban Salsa is the ultimate street/party dance – a great way to have fun, meet new people and dance yourself fit! We think you’ll agree that our lessons are the most authentic Salsa experience you can have outside of Cuba! That means whether you come on your own, with a partner or with friends you’ll always be partnered-up and learning to really dance in your very first lesson – no spending weeks standing in rows trying to memorise steps and routines!
Modern Jive:
Modern Jive is the easiest partner dance to learn and great fun to dance to almost any modern music at parties, clubs and discos. Anybody who can walk can learn this dance – it really doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, we’ll have you dancing by the end of your first evening – a guaranteed cure for Dad-Dancing!! Our Smooth Modern Jive lessons feature extremely simple, consistent footwork that keeps both partners moving properly together and uses a combination of open and close holds and smooth flowing moves to make sure that you’ll learn to really move as a couple.
Other Dance Styles:
We also teach Private lessons, Classes and Workshops in many other styles, such as Bachata, Tango/Blues Fusion, Charleston, Club-Style Cha-Cha... Mandy also offers private Ballet Lessons in Shanklin and our other venues.

PRIVATE/GROUP LESSONS: Are also available for those who can’t attend regular dance classes, wish to progress more quickly, have particular needs (e.g. ‘special occasion’ choreography) or wish to learn more during an Island visit. We also do Monthly Workshops, Show Dancing, Teacher Training…